A story of love and motorcycles

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This story began when I was a kid. I saw my father tinkering with his motorcycle in the garage, immersed in the sounds of tools and bolts falling on the floor. It continued at the High School, when I built by hand everything that my mates did with machinery instead. I re-written it during my job for big companies as a designer and skilled mechanic.

The curiosity that drove me at that time is the same today, every time I dismount and remount mechanical parts. Because I like to make things better, seeking perfection both in the technique and aesthetics.

I learned from Nature that beauty is something that has to do with the search for new forms and new solutions. And that building is to imagine and to create something that does not exist yet, then give it to the memory of time. This is what fascinates me in my job: to invent things and to seek solutions to achieve them, to give my dreams a form of steel.

Building by hand has been, and continues to be, my personal growth path. I realized that the important thing is to learn from those who are older and be an example for the younger. I understood that to work alone does not mean to be presumptuous, but it means to take on your own responsibility and to redo what does not work without the obstacle of the competition.

I chose to work and to live in the countryside with my family, my wife Lara – she shares my dreams and helps me making it real every day -, our two little daughters and our dogs. Hence my mind travels free and I just have to look around and listen to find something to be inspired by.

It may seem odd to prefer paper and pencil to television. But I believe that this choice is dictated by passion. The one that pushes you to work with dedication and effort, because what comes next is something bigger than everything. Then, after the satisfaction, after you have turned off the lights of the garage, what remains is not just a motorcycle.