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Built by hand during 2016 winter and spring. With the highest quality steel, the engine and the chassis of a 1994 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail and chasing slender and clean lines inspired by the shape of an insect. That’s the story of the LT01.

Technical sheet

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The idea behind the design of this bike – the first I built entirely by hand – it is the research for balance between the beauty of simple forms and technological innovation.

I cut the HD chassis to stiff tail and squeezing it as much as possible, keeping the original drive belt. To do this, I adopted some measures that led to a structural change of the chassis. The result is a very low and long motorcycle, and narrow at the same time.

The material I used is a chrome-molybdenum-silicon, a choice to make the motorcycle durable and safe. I got the right angle of the forks building special aluminum plates with a + 3° offset, without altering the geometry of the frame.

The mechanics are STD, edited with special S&S quality elements. I upgraded the engine maintaining the original displacement of 1340 cc. A 5-speed transmission and a BDL 1 ¼ clutch complete the endothermic group.

The braking part is marked K-TECH, for me synonymous of beauty, reliability and style. Then I chose Bimota platforms, high shoulder aluminum Borrani wheels and Tommaselli handbar.

A side challenge was the construction of the body. It is completely handmade, with 0,98 inch thick aluminum, a noble and easy to work material. Everything is made with hammers, English wheel and TIG welded (gas and oil tank, tail). I obtained the finish with brushes made of cotton and hand polishing.